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Top 5 Birds of Mexico

In Mexico I did a lot of birding with my dad. We had a great time and I saw many new life species. Although I would like to post every single picture I took I will just post my best pictures of my favorite birds. Here are my top five birds I saw in Mexico.

5. Zone Tailed Hawk

This bird made the top five because it was a new life bird for me. It is rarely found in the U.S. making it very special. This bird is a bird of prey that lives in the desert, and has an easily recognized striped tail.

4. Yellow Warbler

Although this is a bird that can be seen in the U.S., it is such a cool bird that when I saw it I just had to put it on my top five. In Saint Louis, warblers are one of my favorite birds to try and find. They each have unique color patterns that are always amazing to see!

3. Belding's Yellowthroat

This bird was a tricky bugger to get a picture of. It was so hard that this is a picture of its cousin the common yellowthroat. We did see and hear the Belding's, but never long enough for a picture. This bird is special because it is endemic to the Baja California area.

2. Hooded Oriole

On our first morning of school, my brother and I woke up to head down to the beach for work outs. As we walked down we saw an unidentified bird with a black mask and a yellow body. We later figured out that this was a hooded Oriole and l was eventually able to get a picture of one.

1. Costa's Hummingbird

This bird was the clear number one choice for me. I love hummingbirds. The Costa's was not hard to see or even endemic to Mexico but it was amazing to see it flap it's blurry wings and to see it's shiny purple head. Hummingbirds are the smallest family of birds in the world!

I have lots of other pictures, so if you like these just ask in the comments for them to be added to the photo gallery!

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