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Mountain Bikes, Killer Ants, and Pinto Beans

Do I like homeschooling?

Well, yes I do because I can just get out of bed, put on my pajamas, grab some coffee and breakfast, and go start school outside. Outside is a great place for school because I can sit down and look out into the Sea of Cortez.

Here is a picture of my view.

Now all of this sounds awesome, but for me there are some down sides to it. I miss not being able to see my friends, hanging out with kids my age, group projects, and sports.

What I do love most about homeschooling is the afternoon activities that are still considered school because we are still learning so much. For example, yesterday we went to Cabo Adventure headquarters to go on a guided mountain biking adventure. I highly recommend these excursions, since we have done a few before.

Overall, it was a lot of fun! At times it was challenging because there were huge sandy hills, narrow paths with cacti and thorn bushes on each side, and really thick sand patches!

Advice to anyone who plans on trying this at home: When approaching thick sand, put your weight on the back tire. Try to stay in control of your bike and keep the front tire straight. Don’t slow down or break!

The whole trail was along the ocean so we had a great view. After biking for a while we stopped at this big cliff and did a little hike/climb up to the top where we saw an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. It was a great spot for pictures.

While we hiked down our guide showed us this little ant called a killer cow! It was fuzzy and cute but really IT WAS A KILLER! It was right below the bullet ant in how much its bite can sting! Here is a picture of what it looks like so you can be sure to avoid it.

I did some research on it and found that it’s real name is the white velvet ant. It is actually in the wasp family, but looks like an ant. The females are wingless. They come in a variety of colors (bright scarlet, orange, black, white, or silver). We saw the white kind. More information can be found here:

After a little more biking we stopped at the biking home base. We were all really tired and to our relief, there was this delicious authentic Mexican meal waiting for us! It was amazing…as you can see there is a before and after picture of my plate.

On my plate there is rice, a cheese quesadilla, salad, pinto beans, fresh tuna salad, and sweet tamarind juice!

All and all it was an amazing experience and there will be many more to come! Thank you all for reading this post and enjoy the rest of our blog :)

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