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7 people. 6 continents. 1 adventure.

A family of 7 road-schooling around the world for six months.


Family has always been the most important part of our marriage partnership and what brought us together almost 7 years ago. We are always looking for ways to spend more quality time with our five children, Justine, Juliette, Hannah, Jacob and Luke - but its a challenge with today's modern family rat race - especially since the children spend their school holidays with their other respective parents. Traveling and homeschooling has always been part of our conversations over the years as we looked for ways to enrich their educational experience. One day over lunch, the idea of bringing the two together for one big family bonding adventure just shouted at us! Over many more conversations to see if a big trip like this was even possible, and lots of prayerful listening, every doubt we had vanished. We set a date and planning wheels were in motion! We are definitely excited to visit many new countries and experience homeschooling, but our main goals are to develop stronger bonds with each other and spend serious quality time discovering the world together. We realize that this experience may not be for everyone, but we hope it will inspire other families to stop what they are doing and look for ways to honor, cherish, and develop great relationships with each other.
- Brad & Fabienne


Why the name Carry-ons Only? We are Carry-ons Only because for the next six months we are each bringing just a backpack and a carry-on for the whole trip. Why? Because it's the most efficient way to travel with a large family: no lost luggage, no waiting in line to check your bag, no waiting at baggage claims, no excessive items. Carry-ons Only is also about being minimalistic. It's about living more simply with only what you need and valuing the few items that you brought. It's about carrying more memories and experiences than souvenirs. It's about spending your time wisely, with your family. 


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